About me: Justyna Borzucka

I'm an advocate for the RIE approach to children (Resources for Infant Educarers or Educaring), a blogger, a parenting educator and a mother of three.I leverage my knowledge and experience to support parents in navigating daily challenges, teaching them how to approach various children's behaviors with calm, respect, and trust.

My Expertise: Respectful Parenting

My passion for child psychology and the intricate dynamics of parent-child relationships runs deep. In 2020, I completed the RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ course and have since been an ardent advocate for this approach, which is built on respect and trust towards children from their very first day of life.I respect children’s individual growth, emotions, and challenges while stressing the importance of boundaries without using rewards or punishments.

Webinars and workshops

I am eager to collaborate and provide valuable insights for the parents working at your company.I have experience running workshops for various organizations, including Credit Agricole and Świadoma Mama. My events can be delivered in English, Polish, and German.Several hundred parents have already participated in my online webinars, which are available for individual subscription and held regularly every few months. Topics include, among others: setting limits, fostering independent play, screens and young children).Contact me – I am open to customizing webinars to suit specific requirements.

My Books

📖 Twoje dziecko MOŻE bawić się SAMO (Polish, e-book) Available on Legimi and my website

📖 How to Keep Kids Busy: (English, paperback & e-book) Available on:

📖 Activities for Kids to Play Alone - workbook (English, paperback & e-book) Available on:

My Focus

I work alongside parents of young children, offering guidance on:🔍 Building strong foundational relationships based on mutual trust right from the start,🔍 Encouraging independent play to foster skill development in children,🔍 Collaborating with children in a way that fosters trust and respect, minimizing power struggles,🔍 Facing daily challenges such as changing diapers, dressing, tidying up toys, establishing routines (and many more),🔍 Addressing intense emotions experienced by both children and parents, such as anger, sadness, tears, or overexcitement, among others.

My other platforms

Here, I share my expertise and offer free advice for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-7. Both platforms are available in Polish:🌐 Parenting blog "Co robić, kiedy dziecko"🎧 Podcast about the RIE approach

Discover more

📻 Explore more about my work, especially one of its most crucial aspects — independent play — in my insightful interview on Radio RAM.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are considering hosting a workshop or webinar for your company.Let's make something impactful together!

Visit my Polish blog Co robić, kiedy dziecko and follow me on social media.